Posted by: Pradeep | October 20, 2008

Aleppo in Syria

Somehow I have developed liking for Syria as country. This is second time in last 4 months I am visiting Syria. This time I started with Damascus by spending a day there. Business brings me to Syria and tourism is only side activity if time permits.

I was in Sheraton Damascus yesterday. The place is serene with good surroundings. I used the business centre for my meeting and then proceeded for Aleppo by road. This time placing myself in Hotel Pullman facing Aleppo University.

I understand that Aleppo is one of the major academic centers in Syria / Middle East. Evening today was in Kaser Al Wali Restaurant. It is a 140yr old house converted into restaurant. While the surroundings take you into old Aleppo city, restaurant inside does give you great place to dine and meet. My host took the opportunity to give me glimpse of old Aleppo through this restaurant. No doubt food was great and ambience was no less.

Look forward to explore the place further in next trip now 🙂


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