Posted by: Pradeep | October 11, 2008

Setting up home in Dubai

If you have recently moved to Dubai from some other part of world and in the process of setting up your new house is your priority; then I suggest look at various options before deciding on anything.

First decide on what all you want to have in the house, then decide on approximate budget for everything. Now start visiting various malls in Dubai / Sharjah like IKEA, Home Centre, Pan Emirates, Homes r Us, Sharjah Furniture complex to find out what is best and what suits your budget. This shall help you fine tune your budget and arrive at final figures. 

Also keep in mind that some operators like IKEA, Home Centre etc. don’t show you final figure for any item in one place, there would be many tags hanging around and you need to add them to arrive at final figure. Also most of these shops would have minimum spend limit for home delivery and installation. Below minimum cover, these charges could be exhorbitant in this part of world.

In my view quality offered by local shops is average while prices would be low; at the same time branded shops do offer better quality but higher price tags. Decide on your expected time span (apart from status) for stay in this country while making decision on budget etc.

Other furnishing items like curtains etc. can be arranged from Al Ghuair market (rolla road) in Sharjah at much cheaper rates than Dubai shops. Don’t forget to bargain in this market. 

Decorative lights can be obtained from IKEA, Homes r US at reasonable rates; also take a call at shops on Al Wahda Road in Sharjah.

In my view you would find Dubai shops costlier for most of the items; this is always like this as cost of operation in Dubai is much higher for anybody than in Sharjah. My estimate for decent furnishing is about AED 15,000 for furniture.

White goods at extra can be obtained from shops like Sharaf, Sheeba on Al Fahidi Street Dubai at much better rates (don’t forget to bargain here too).

You can download furnishing-budget-2bhk file prepared by me for a 2BHK house.



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  2. what a wonderful idea!!!

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