Posted by: Pradeep | October 9, 2008

Syrian Visa From Dubai

Planning to travel to Syria and looking for visa application requirements and location of Syrian consulate in Dubai? Here are the required details


Syrian consulate is located in Al Waheda (syrian-consulate-dubai map); possible new location is in Consulate Area near Dubai Creek (marked position A) syrian-consulate-dubai.


Docs required for visa application

1.       syria-visa_-application filled in two copies

2.       No Object Certificate from Dubai visa sponsor

3.       Invitation letter from Syria

4.       Passport 2 copies

5.       Original Passport

6.       Two color passport size photos

7.       Fees – single AED 75, multiple AED 135 (as of date of writing this)


A passport must be valid for six months on submission and have at  least two blank pages & should not bear any Israeli stamps.


It accepts applications from 8:30 – 11:00 am and delivery of visas is 14:00 – 14:30 pm.


Normally they give visa on 3rd working day from application day.


Phone no. for consulate is 00971 4 2663354.



  1. Hi!
    This has been very vaulable information.. the only thing that you might want to update is the location! I went twice to this Al Waheda site and it was the 2nd visit that the officer outside was able to comprehensively tell me where the new office was! If you go to Google Maps and type ‘syria consulate dubai’, my marker is now A!

  2. hi Pradeep,
    Thanks for this info! it was very helpful as I am looking to apply for a Syrian visa shortly.
    Please clarify – the invitation letter you’re talking about for a toursit visa would that be same as a hotel booking confirmation??
    As I’m going there as a tourist.. i don’t see any other way of obtaining an invitation letter.

    • I am not sure, but in all chance hotel booking along with return ticket should be good enough for tourist visa.

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