Posted by: Pradeep | October 9, 2008

Nano in Modi’s territory

The speculation is over. Tatas have placed their faith and confidence in Gujarat for much awaited Nano to roll out from plant in Gujarat. This is going to provide much needed political boost to BJP and Modi. Whatever said there is little doubt on the fact that Modi has put his heart and mind in developing Gujarat to claim the position of most progressing state in Union of India.

I look at this differently also. It is no doubt great failure for West Bengal; it is loss for Maharashtra also. Tatas have their automobile business in Pune, Maharashtra and prevailing conditions like

1. power shortage

2. mafia approach of MNS towards businesses in Maharashtra

3. political unwillingness to rise above personal gains etc.

must have forced them not look at Maharashtra as viable option for any new venture. On the other hand Gujarat is offering all that is needed for industry and people to thrive and live.


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