Posted by: Pradeep | October 8, 2008

Jebel Ali Free Zone Dubai

Jebel Ali Free Zone is one the oldest free zones in Middle East and pioneer in Dubai. It set aside the growth stories for all others to read and follow. I have seen this growing from mid size to big size in last 6years. It definitely is trying to keep track with reputation of Dubai as fast developing city country.

As it happens all growth stories have bleak side too. Now this free zone has out grown its capabilities and poses new issues to all who reside, work here. I remember days when it used to take minutes to take administration related work done from JAFZA office without any follow-up, now it takes days and extensive follow-up.

Recent realty development and expansion of free zone to South side has caused more issues. Being in South zone means one has no independent entry gate (one has to enter from North side); there was one exit directly to join SZ road to go back to Dubai, metro work has taken away that also. One has to either exit from long route of North zone which also has main gate closed for entry and exit of light vehicles.

Exit gate from South zone for connecting to SZ road through Lahbab road is extremely bad (Indian villages have much better roads than that) for last 1 year at least without it being repaired. The entry on Lahbab road itself is blind and full of risk of meeting with accident. The U turn required to come towards SZ road is extremely dangerous and waiting for some big catastropie to happen.

Entry gate that can be used easily is no. 5 and now a days has long queue from SZ road itself as there is no service lane. Invariably I see accident on this entry patch to free zone. RTA is silent and is not at all bothered about rectifying this issues for atleast a year now.


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