Posted by: Pradeep | October 6, 2008

ICICI Bank – difficult to deal with

ICICI Bank in India has risen very fast with its innovative banking solutions and aggressive marketing and expansion drive in last one decade. I know this bank for atleast 8 years now and have seen it changing from humble cow to wild lion in the banking sector. The earliest takeover by them was Bank of Mathura. Since then they have gone for organic growth only while extending the product offerings to its customer / prospect base. 

Recently I decided to establish relationship with them. Here I started getting shocks from their over grown image. The website stipulated that NRE account can be opened without funding if not opened in a Branch; the non-banking branch in Dubai refused to accept the application without funding. The representatives in Dubai office went to the extent of saying that information on their own website is incorrect. Further followup with their India office accepted that account can be opened without funding and asked us to process the form online to save time.

Surprisingly the online form seems to be uploaded without detailed testing. It doesn’t allow one to proceed without entering certain “non-mandatory” data and doesn’t accept certain details at all (eg brother-in-law as relationship in nomination form). When printed, this form doesn’t print few of the important parameters (leaving them blank in hard copy). At the same time it prints certain details which are incorrect and not entered by applicant. Here again India central office of ICICI Bank asked us to proceed with that and correct it with hand and send the application to India address which has been updated / corrected after our feedback.

When printed form is sent along with all asked for documents (as per telephonic discussion with ICICI Bank India office); we started getting querries and new document requirements. It is nothing but delaying the matter and harrassing customers who are sitting thousands of miles away.

On the top of this, to address the issues, only communication means is e-mail; every time you explain the matter in details and you can expect responses which take you nowhere. There is no single phone number available for you to talk to them and clarify the matter.

Better be with a bank on which you can bank.


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