Posted by: Pradeep | October 5, 2008

Flat Tyre in middle of desert

I have been driving my Toyota Corolla here in UAE for almost 4yrs now. During this period I never bothered to understand the basics like changing the flat tyre. I have leased the car from Hertz and hence was always under the impression that whenever I get stuck, they would come and help me out.

But today it was bad day for me. In the middle of day with outside temperature nearly 35 degC, I got flat in area which was off the city centre by about 20kM. I couldn’t take chance of driving the car to nearest gas station also as none was nearby. I called in Hertz, but the guys duped me.

I had to get into the car maintenance manual and find out how to fix the jack itself. Surprisingly the jack didn’t lift the car sufficient enough to change the flat tyre. I had to get some stones beneath the jack and redo all the physical exercise again. It was sweating experience as I got completely drenched with perspiration and head back to car ac for atleast half an hour before setting to drive again. It would have been even more difficult if one good samaritian had not helped me in this.

Learning for the day, learn basics for everything and don’t rely on outsiders.


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