Posted by: Pradeep | October 3, 2008

Reservation for OBCs just got extended in India

Indian government has been doing its rounds on “trying” to help certain classes of society through preferrence mode (termed as reservation). They have taken all the due care to provide reservation to people who belong to certain classes in society …without any reference to their income levels. While HRD minister extended the reservation system to include higher education institutes last year by reserving huge 27% of seats, probably he was eyeing a large portion for his vote bank. The annual income limit for so called exclusion from OBC reservation was Rs. 2.5Lakh. I know many families in India who don’t have annual income even close to this amount even today but get no benefit as they don’t fall in those particular classes.

This is where the system is flawed. Today government extended this for OBCs having annual income upto Rs. 4.5 Lakh. I am sure this would mean more stress on the systems as economically deserving would never get the help which they need most. I am odds at any reservation based on cast and creed. Let it be based on economic conditions and only who need most enjoy the benefits.

The fact remains cast based reservation doesn’t help the people who use it. There are huge number of them who get chucked out by the system during their studies, career in private sector etc. IITs, IIMs have asked many of them each year to drop out.


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