Posted by: Pradeep | September 25, 2008

Gun culture and western developed world

For whatsoever reasons this month of September brought too much of violance and killing world wide. India, Pakistan are anyway struggling through Terrorism. While it is new to Pakistan as self experience, India has been living through this turmoil for decades now. USA having experienced one small incident on 9/11, went all over world to take revenge and make money while asking India to restrain itself from doing any counter attacks.

Nonetheless it only shows that west lives with gun culture. Latest is shootout in Finland school killing 9 innocent by a school kid. I was going through some stastics today and found that per capita arms (guns) are highest in USA followed by other european countries like Finland with 0.31 guns per capita. This is astonishing figure. Why all these people living in so called developed world need guns? Finland is otherwise supposed to be country of fun loving people and hardly any crime rate. Are the guns supposed to be there to keep the crimes away…NO. 

It is must that children in developed countries are well taken care and not left to TV, nannys and pocket money with guns. It is upbringing with values which takes society further not only money or economy. Even when India is faced with uncertainty on security at times due to terrorism; have we ever resorted to having guns in each household and going on killing spree out of frustation. Never! Reasons are clear, nurtured upbringing; families support each member and don’t just them push out.


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