Posted by: Pradeep | September 21, 2008

Netwoking : For benefit of all

Business networking the professional way is what I am referring to. Today business has become competition prone and one needs to be ahead of others to get the game going. Increasingly I find that business happens by contacts and not by product, price etc. If one intends to buy something; the search starts from internet to other nearby users to find out what is best and who can offer that at best rates.

This has created a niche for having business contacts sharing with other like minded people so that one’s energies are utilized to larger extent (it is like leveraging ones strengths to do more). 

This prompted me to start networking with people who had earlier worked with my present organization. I created a group of these people and members are spread in Gulf, India, SEA, Europe, US. It is helping us go that extra mile with little more efforts. What we would return to the groups is business leads for their areas of interest; and it is happening now. My suggestion is don’t be left behind in networking as Europeans have been doing since ages.


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