Posted by: Pradeep | September 21, 2008

Do one need to restrict others from eating while self is fasting?

I have been thinking on writing on this issue for long time now. Living outside your native country makes you alien in host country and if the host country has discrimanatory policies then you can really feel like “alien”. 

Being an Indian and living expat life in host country which is a Kingdom in reality does put us in the rough boat. It is month of Ramadan and my friends who practice different faith than me are going through day long fasting. Am I supposed to be fasting with them? Definately not. It is surprising the countries have laws which prohibit non fasting people from eating or drinking water in public. It is said that this is to respect others who might be fasting. Agreed! I value them and appreciate their faith to full. Why India which has second highest population for one of the other faiths in world doesn’t need such laws or by laws and still people live in harmony. I still remember the days when Nusrat one of my friends used to stay with me in Ahmedabad. He used to have Suhur or Iftar with us and never ever felt otherwise when we used to eat during day time. Equally we never felt bad when he used to eat non-veg during our fasting days.

In my view we as humans have great appreciation for each other irrespective of faith, color, language or anything which stands to differentiate us. It is politicians / governments which create the gaps and call other fellow beings as “aliens”.


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