Posted by: Pradeep | September 19, 2008

Maharashtrians in Gulf

In my blog term Maharashtrian refers to people who are settled in Maharashtra state of India or have some interests in this state. Here in Dubai we have Gulf Marathi Business Forum which is formed about 4 years back by some like minded professionals with one clear agenda to promote business and help others also to get benefitted from the vast experience the founder members have.

This forum meets regularly at certain interval (presently about 2 months) over a Friday in Al Futtaim Training Centre in Rashidiya and allows experience and knowledge sharing. This in general can be termed as networking event for business professionals to exchange leads or possibilities of leads. 

Anybody residing in UAE is welcome to this forum and take the advantage and offer its philonthropic services. This forum is non-commercial and hence any commercial presentations are only by prior appointment. Anybody interested can contact me through my blog by sending his profile over e-mail to me.

The forum is online at (albeit presently it is not available for access due to server change).


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