Posted by: Pradeep | September 12, 2008

Google Crome

I downloaded it last week and has been evaluating the performance. It scores largely on its rival like IE7 due to following…

Simple design, no fancy menu bars

Faster to start and easier to bring forth the information from web

Knowing google, they would definately put forth something which would be liked by users for long; like gmail changed the face of free web mail with storage capacities changing from miniscule 2MB to 7GB+ now.

Only worry is inspite of selecting “save no history” it keeps track of 9 websites used by the user and throws them up when opened again. Only way to remove this is forcibly clear browsing history everytime you before one closes the application. This is a negative when it would be used in Net cafes in public locations.

Another issue at the moment is with java enabled websites; GC is unable to present them.

It seems MS has seen the threat to its IE business and hence when accessing “hotmail” from GChrome, it warns users that the browser is substandard and would not allow one to utilize all features of “hotmail”; I couldn’t find any difference as such. Such tactics would force MS only on back seat.

If you wanna have a try…download here


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