Posted by: Pradeep | September 11, 2008

Key to entrepreneurship

What are the winning traits that helps an succeed? Here are the Entrepreneurs’ Dos and the Donts and what to look out for. 


> Always be positive 

> Search for a silver lining even in the most adverse scenario 

> Keep the big picture in mind but retain a sense of humility 

> Always be open to learn, unlearn and relearn 

> Believe in yourself and your colleagues 



> Don’t blame. As an entrepreneur you can’t blame anyone or any situation. 

> Don’t be afraid of making mistakes but learn from them 

> Don’t complicate matters; the most successful businesses were kept simple 

> Don’t depend on numbers alone. Intuition and creativity can play a major role 

> Don’t search for perfection, search for excellence



  1. Your article is right on the money. Being a business owner requires patience and focus.

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