Posted by: Pradeep | September 8, 2008

Traffic problem and Dubai

I have seen that traffic has worsened in last 3yrs. During peak hours the average motoring speeds drop to 5-10km/hr and this is regular. The roads most affected are SZ, Emirates, Al Khail and even Dubai bypass now. It is commonly known that other internal roads bring only further miseries to motorists. Karama / Bur Dubai / Deira are the areas most affected. Once on road, you can’t commit any time to reach the destination.

At the same time, summer and month of Ramadan brings a different experience. Now in this month of Ramadan when I decide to work for my regular times, I go back to travel time requirements which were there 4 years back.

One way of reducing traffic chaos on roads would be forced staggering of working hours for government, public and private sectors. Such practices are followed worldwide and even in India. This helps control the traffic in much better ways. Can’t RTA come with realistic solutions than only putting SALIK and keeping the issue alive.


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