Posted by: Pradeep | August 29, 2008

Raj Thakre – Maharashtra Navnirman Sena

I have been following up on what Thakres are doing to people of Maharashtra for long time now. It was Shiv Sena which embarked on a voilent trip years back to entice youth of state to take law in hand.

After splitting from Shiv Sena; as it was not offering any higher leadership position to Raj; he has formed another party MNS to fuel the politics of hate in youth of Maharashtra. In general youth need arenas to vent out their feelings and mob behaviour helps them as nobody comes under police scanner in general.

The recent actions and fatwas of Raj (MNS) are nothing but ill mentality to destabilize the society to make short term gains in election year. Why Raj was silent for so many years on issues which he is raising up now? The same issues were prevalent even when Shiv Sena / BJP alliance was in power and Raj was very much part of it. Issues like sign boards in “Marathi” are useless (they are nothing but having sign boards in Arabic in Saudi Arabia for somebody who is entering in the country without knowing that language).

Did Raj study only in “Marathi”? How having signboards in “Marathi” would help the state and people in specific? If Raj would have been really a leader he should have worked on issues which are pressing the society in Maharashtra viz. severe power crisis, road infrastructure, debts of farmers, looming part drought etc. If MNS has no strength to raise this then at this moment even if Raj keeps out of roads, it shall help society.


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