Posted by: Pradeep | July 30, 2008

Indian village

India is primarily agriculture based economy where villages play a major role. The life in a village starts before the Sun rays touch the ground and stops at little after the Sun sets. A normal village life means working in farms, having chat with friends and enjoying life to its full. This life gives you best of air to breath and fresh food to cook and eat all time.

I feel the communication and media revolution has taken its toll on village life too. The erstwhile chitchat with friends has changed into viewing TV; playing has reduced a lot and working in farms has become secondary. People are fleeing to cities in search of more “modern” life. This is creating further void in the work force in villages and economy is failing to deliver.

One would realize the real value of money in these villages where 50 US cents can get you one full day meals and sleep in a cottage. The labor is available at USD 3/day wages. Can we adopt the villages to keep the old glory in place while helping the economy remain sturdy. WITHOUT FOOD NOTHING WOULD SURVIVE.


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