Posted by: Pradeep | July 27, 2008

Terror to instill fear

India is at receiving end again. The serial bomb blasts in erstwhile peaceful city of Ahmedabad in western state of Gujrat has come as an event to mark that Terror has no boundries and India is not safe again. While western world spares no words when it comes to some terror attacks in western world (read as London bombings, Twin tower bombings etc.); there has been little done when it comes to Asia.

The terrorists have shown little sensibility in using their dirty minds in killing innocent people across world in last 2 decades particularly. India has been at receiving end all along through state sponsored terrorism thorugh some countries who have vested interests.

I am sure Ahmedabad and Bangalore are choosen for specific reasons to destabilize these peaceful cities and create divide in society and give air to communal differences. But India and we Indians would not fall prey to these old tactics of terrorists and dirty minds. WE STAND TOGETHER IN DIFFICULT TIMES, WE HAVE SHOWN THIS IN PAST AND WOULD EXHIBIT ALWAYS.


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