Posted by: Pradeep | July 24, 2008

Communication Revolution in India

I remember the old days a decade back when communication in India was not readily available and call rates used to the astronomical. The era of mobile communications during that period was monopolistic in nature and it was not for everybody.

A decade gone by and I see a consumer friendly change in the whole communication chain. I am sitting here at my home and using internet where even getting phone lines was damn difficult about a decade back. The opening up of sector to many players has brought in very consumer pro competition. This is forced the network providers to cover the country like nowhere else; even a village with hardly any population is on communication highway now. The mobile network towers coming out of all the places remind me of wired world without wires.

I can see a mobile handset in the hands of most of the people around even when they hardly know how to use it. The recharge options available are with values as low as 25 US cents equivalent. This is mind boggling…it is only Indian entrepreneurs who can do this. I wonder how come developed places like UAE launch second operator with lots of hassles and the operator fails to even provide decent network; forget about any benefits to consumers. World needs to learn a lot from India when it comes to communications.


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