Posted by: Pradeep | July 23, 2008

Maharashtra – doesn’t deserve this name now

Maharashtra is one of the states of India situated on western side. Mumbai the commercial capital of India is the state capital. It is understood that almost 1/3rd of revenue for Govt of India gets generated from Mumbai and large portion from Maharashtra. Vidarbha is one of the regions which is in center of India and east side of Maharashtra.

In last 2 decades the power situation of this state has gone down so much that Vidarbha where maximum of power is generated is reeling under 12hrs of power cut every day. I don’t think this state due to its shabby state of politics and politians can offer any thing worthwhile to its residents as well industry. While Gujrat has progressed on all matters in last 1 decade, Maharashtra has only gone down. It is only in part of state that politicians are filling there pockets with money and helping state go down. Politicians like Raj Thakarey are only making noise on issues which are non-relevant to progress. I have never seen him raising anything about power situation in Maharashtra which once upon a time never used to blink also.


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