Posted by: Pradeep | July 15, 2008

Abu Dhabi runs out of fuel

We live in a country which contributes about 2.5mbpd of crude to world markets. This gives it strength to keep the retail prices for refined products in its territory also quite low. 150kM away from Abu Dhabi is Dubai which has no oil production of its own and buys refined products for its territory at international market prices and keeps changing the retailing prices. Presently Diesel prices in Dubai are almost 120% more than what Abu Dhabi offers. This skewed market pricing has created troubles for users as well supplier. ADNOC stations have been experiencing long queues of vehicles to get the fuel at lower rates. This has caused supply stretch on ADNOC and their stations are reportedly now running out of fuel to serve the real needy. This is inspite of rationing imposed by stations on vehicles coming for fuel.

If this happens in fuel producing country then what about others? Can we look at changing our usage patterns now or leave a bad legacy for our kids?


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