Posted by: Pradeep | July 13, 2008

Limitless road troubles in Dubai

Jebel Ali Free Zone is one of the oldest in Middle East and pioneer in the concept here. It is biggest in size in terms of number of establishments and caters to thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of people working here.

In last 3-4 years the administration ventured into extreme growth path with new extension as JAFZA South. This new extension is as of now also lacks proper road planning, traffic control and invariably faces accidents. Metro brought another set of woes for South Zone companies as they have been deprived of only proper exit for Dubai. Two temporary exits have been provided for Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The exit to Dubai goes through a dirt road which is full of pot holesand hardly any space to maneuver the vehicle. This exit leads one to Lahbab-Jebel Ali road where one has to take a U turn to come to Sheikh Zayed Road. This entry into main road and then U turn is without any signal and is inviting some major catastrophe to happen to RTA to make it proper.

Entry to Jebel Ali Free Zones for light vehicles are restricted to few gates and all entry points are having some kind of construction activity going on making the entry mostly single lane. It is nothing new to observe 1-2KM long queues to enter the free zone. Traffic police do nothing but issuing tickets to people who enter the lane at last moment. RTA is doing nothing but keeping their eyes closed. JAFZA is doing nothing but apologizing for inconvenience.

Are we so illplanned that one can’t arrange for smooth passage before taking decisions which affect everything? Why Dubai has to look like a large construction site? Why traffic has to snarl in this beutiful country famous for shopping?


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