Posted by: Pradeep | July 11, 2008

Indo – US nuclear pact

By making nuclear pact text public yesterday, GOI has atleast been able to safegaurd itself from earlier lies. The pact has following main aspects; while ambiguity on fuel supply with wording “India can take corrective measures” is most notable

  • India may take measures to ensure uninterrupted operation of civilian reactors in the event of disruption of foreign fuel supply 
  • India will provide an assurance that no safeguarded N-material is diverted from civilian use
  • Undertakes that equipment subject to agreement shall not be used for manufacture of nuclear weapons
  • IAEA shall avoid hampering India’s development and interfering with any activity involving use by India of nuclear or non-nuclear material, equipment or technology acquired or developed by India independent of the agreement for its own purpose
  • IAEA shall endeavour to protect commercial and industrial secrets
  • The agreement covers nuclear material, including all fissionable material, heavy water and N-related facilities
  • India will inform IAEA if it receives nuclear and nonnuclear material, equipment and components within 4 weeks of arrival
  • Some nuclear materials can be exempted from safeguards. The agreement specifies that these may not exceed a kg in total fissionable material. This may consist of plutonium or uranium of specified enrichment
  • Also exempt are 10 tonnes of natural uranium and depleted uranium as strategic reserve
  • The safeguards agreement also covers areas such as transfer of nuclear material
  • India shall submit to IAEA reports about production, processing and use of safeguarded N-material in or outside main nuclear facilities

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