Posted by: Pradeep | July 5, 2008

Reservations for teachers

Are Indian Institute of Technology bound to lose their shine and repute? HRD minister of central government has come out with a directive asking IITs to implement for reservation for teaching staff. HRD minister seems to be buoyant with his success story of OBC reservation in elite schools across India and now wants to have his say on how the students would be taught too.

What can we expect from teachers who would have their positions not on merit but on cast? Reservation system in India is based on segmentation of society on age old system of castism and not on economic conditions. I know lots of people who rise due to reservation system in the society but fail to offer anything to society in particular. They never rise in their minds or thinking as they needn’t work to earn the position.

In my view the reservation system based on castism should be abolished and only economic reasons should be used to provide social welfare (no reservations beyond entry points).

Merit should be given first priority and after that economic considerations (this is possible once we have social welfare – in real terms – implemented in society).

I am sure IITians would have all the courage and strength to fight against this evil brought up by HRD ministry and save the society from long term illness.

Refer to my earlier post on this evil


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