Posted by: Pradeep | June 25, 2008

Salik a BIG failure

I have been using Salik (road toll) since its inception here in Dubai. It is worth to note that all tall claims made by RTA while introducing the toll scheme have failed. It still takes hours together to travel on the road under toll and I pay toll even in midnight when there is anyway no traffic (idea behind this toll has been reducing road congestion).

On the top the system is full of errors. There have been many cases of people being fined for no fault. RTA on top is adament and doesn’t have grievance address system in place. They insist on making the fine payments first and then keep following up with them for refund. This is for their mistakes.

Introduction of new Salik gates from 1st September this year is another blow to road users in Dubai. I stay in Dubai and anyway pay out of my nose for everything. New Salik gates would not reduce any troubles for my travel but would only cost me more.

Why RTA is bent on putting more gates even when they have failed to produce any results in reality earlier? This is with on going road works (Dubai is nothing but one big construction site as of now).


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