Posted by: Pradeep | June 21, 2008

Transportation Fees Hike in GEMS group schools

Finally it came out, on 18/6/8 GEMS group schools handed over the circular on trasportation adventure. As mentioned in my earlier blog on this issue, GEMS group formed a separate company (definately under its umbrella) to provide transportation to its students and exploit the parents who are anyway helpless. See the circular below

New company to provide transport

The trasportation fees has been increased by 200%. On the top fees for similar distances covered by various schools under the group are charging varying fees and variations is substantial. Like in case of Kindergarten Starters fees starts from AED 250/month (earlier AED 120/month) while in Dubai Modern High School for same area and same distance travel it costs AED 450/month (earlier AED 150/month). See the new fees chart below

Transport Fees chart

The logic provided by Bright Bus Transport (new company floated to use the loophole in government policies in UAE) management is that transportation fees is in line with school reputation.

I fail to understand how transportation gets affected by school reputation? Does school have reputation because of transportation or academics? Please note that on minimum side transportation fees is 32% of tution fees. Does this ever sound rational?

I have colleagues travelling 6 times the distance what school bus covers and paying AED 350/month; how does that transport company which is purely to make profits survive? Is that the increase cap “enforced” by ministry of education in UAE is reason behind GEMS group decision to create new company and extract money from parents. Unfortunately ministry has no guidelines as such on this except that services can’t be changed mid term.

It is not uncommon to find here rules which can be twisted by people in position to take undue advantage. If UAE has to rise to the level of countries which are cherished by people in their hearts then it has to become more people friendly and not to forget accept all in equality with more social responsibility.


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