Posted by: Pradeep | June 21, 2008

Bus stop shelters in Dubai

Dubai is setting up examples in Middle East by doing things for first time. They ventured into

1. shopping (best of the shopping brands at reasonable rates)

2. construction (with 15% of tallest towers of world in one city)

3. population import (has 186 nationalities at last count)

4. no tax but charge for everything (even you pay to visit green park)

5. openness in Islamic world (alcohol is not banned)

6. fuel price hike (only Petrol is cheaper)

7. free zones for business (nothing comes free)

8. good infrastructure (albeit ill planned to meet forced growing demands)

9. metro in making (first time you would see metro on roller coaster)

10. bus stops which are airconditioned

and so on.

I observe that while things are being done with lot of funfare and it is trying to catch up with others in world. All this lacks primarily social responsibility. As a resident one doesn’t even have medical free or subsidized. I would be better paying off corporate, income tax and be happy to get the necessities at reasonable rates than paying astronomical amounts for everything. The bus shelters are airconditioned because it is necessity in this hot weather but one has to pay AED 2 to enter the shelter šŸ˜¦

When money would be separated from responsibility?


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