Posted by: Pradeep | June 12, 2008

Syria – worth visiting

I am in Syria after almost 4 yrs now. First time I visited Syria in July 2004 and I fall in love with this place. It has so much to offer; nice people, excellent weather (anybody coming from desert would envy this place), babylon era history and comparable to Indian sites.

While I am seating here in Sheraton Aleppo and writing this, my host (actually my business customer) has lined up fantastic dinner (as usual) for me. They make all efforts to make me comfortable in this environment and are concerned.

I just transited through Damascus (this time I found Emirates offering me fare much lower than so called “low cost” airlines like Air Arabia, Al Jazeera etc.)…one of the longest continuously inhibited city in world history. I visited Homs…gateway to down south Middle East and one of the citadels to prevent invaders rushing downsouth. Aleppo has special place in my mind, I love the city architecture which can be well compared with Fort in Mumbai; nightlife (roads are live until 2am); shopping alleys; mountaneous geography, citadel and great architecture mosques, university.

Sheraton is definately recommended fo stay in Aleppo for luxury travellers. Only thing to note for Syria visit is hotel costs are even higher than Dubai and food is nothing less than Mumbai.

Travelling around is absolutely safe (I find this place safer than Dubai); travel costs need to be negotiated while hiring taxis. Syrians love Bollywood actor Shammi Kapoor and that makes me feel proud.



  1. Yes, it’s beautiful. And if you get a room at the Sheraton with view to the clock tower, you may be lucky and see people hanged there, early in the morning.,,2-10-1462_2209387,00.html

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