Posted by: Pradeep | June 3, 2008

Visit to Dubai

Once entry visa is obtained and ticketing is done for travel to UAE; follow below details to enter UAE without hassels…

  1. If passports are ECR, then please get it done ECNR or ECR suspended from PIO office or port of embarkation.
  2. Take a good overseas travel / medical insurance from companies like New India Insurance or so.
  3. Keep address and contact person details including contact numbers handy with you all the time including a pen and paper.

Ask your contact in UAE (or who has arranged for your visa) to get the “ok to board” status against your travel PNR (this is your reservation PNR).

While travelling

  1. Bring medium warm clothing in baggage (if travelling from November to March) or else normal clothing
  2. Baggage allowed is normally 30kg checked in + 7kg (in hand bag); try to restrict there itself
  3. Females can use Indian attire here as long they are decent
  4. Do not carry any liquids in hand bags
  5. Reach airport at least 2hrs before flight departure time
  6. Do not accept anybody else’s baggage (unknown person or fellow travellers)
  7. Do not carry contraband items in baggage; no medicines without prescriptions also
  8. Immigration in India would ask for visa copy to be shown, hence don’t forget to carry that
  9. Clear customs (declare any high value items, take export certificate so that on return there are no issues)
  10. Board on announcement
  11. Avoid all cold products during travel and in UAE stay (throat infections are very common here)

On arrival in UAE airport

  1. On disembarking follow the crowd or “passport control” sign
  2. Collect original visas on showing the copy from “visa counter”
  3. Proceed to Immigration counter
  4. Show the original visas and passport, get it stamped
  5. Proceed to baggage collection
  6. Take the baggage and move to exit, if asked get it scanned and come out
  7. If any issue call the person who is supposed to meet and greet you, if not carrying mobile, ask anybody for the mobile, give call.

Wow, you are in UAE now; hope that somebody is waiting for you here 🙂


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