Posted by: Pradeep | June 2, 2008

Satya Sai – A great teacher

A game of football is played by two teams, each team consisting of ten players playing on each side of the field. While playing, each team strives to score a goal by shooting the ball between the two goal posts. Life is a game, in which one has to aim at leading one’s life between the two goal posts of secular and spiritual education. While playing football, one kicks the ball as long as it is filled with air. Once the football is deflated, no one kicks it. The air in the football signifies the presence of ego. A man swayed by ego would have to receive blows until he becomes devoid of ego. Only a deflated ball is taken by the hands, whereas an inflated ball is kicked mercilessly. Similarly, a person who has destroyed his ego is well respected, whereas the person who allows himself to be swayed by ego becomes the target of all sorts of attacks. Only a person who is free from ego can transform himself into an ideal man.


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