Posted by: Pradeep | May 23, 2008

Driving in UAE

UAE, home to almost 547 cars for each 1,000 residents is having highest vehicle density in world (to note here countries like Singapore, Hongkong are far behind with figures less 200 per thousand residents). This makes the traffic department job most difficult. On the top UAE has residents from almost 187 countries meaning multiplied troubles for traffic management.

One of the most comprehensive solution from UAE authorities is to have system which penalises in short term as well long term.

Short term system covers spot fines which can range from about 25USD to 6000USD for various offences. In all the system enlists about 147 known and classified offences by road users while on road / off road.


Long term system puts black points against the driver license (along with spot fine) and accumulation of 24 points over a 12 month period causes the suspension of license to drive. The user has to go for re-test.

Understandably black points should be sufficient enough to deter the users from doing wrong on the road but fines are nothing but double penalizing. It helps department to compensate for its operations also.


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