Posted by: Pradeep | May 20, 2008

Car Pooling in Dubai

Today it must have been a great respite for road users in Dubai. RTA declared plans to allow car pooling between colleagues and friends after approval from them. The process would require online application to RTA (through their website … application to be made available after 1 month); on approval a certificate would be issued with names of accompanies.

This certificate would save the users from hefty fines of AED 5,000 which presently money hungry RTA applies on anybody caught with friends or colleagues in his car. As of date RTA considers this as illegal taxi business (I must salute their high levels of thinking that everything in world works only basis of money).

I am expect that for giving approval, RTA would put some fees (nothing in Dubai comes free …) and once you decide on the names any change would mean new application. Afterall what for RTA is doing this? For road users are to fill in their treasaries? While implementing Salik last year in July (they chose to start it when most of the population is out of country and traffic is anyways lean) they claimed that it would bring lots of reduction on the road covered by Salik. Today after almost a year, the things have only gone worse.

If Dubai thinks that they are anywhere near to international cities then they must stop such irrational steps and allow car pooling freely and stop illegally fining the users accusing them of running taxis.



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