Posted by: Pradeep | May 18, 2008

Ants and Grasshopper

Taking cue from the normal living patterns of Ants and Grasshopper somebody built a similie on Indians and reservations in Indian system.

The story goes like ants work hard in summer collecting & storing food stuffs for them to survive in winter season while grasshopper doesn’t even bother to look into future and enjoying living the life. As soon winter sets in ants go deep and keep themselves warm and live with stored food, grasshopper fails to survive the winter as it didn’t prepare itself for this.

While Indian reservation system considers certain segments of society ants and rest others as grasshopper, it does all to protect grasshopper allowing it to not work anytime and survive on others hardships. Latest increase in reservations in higher education elite institutes is definitely at the cost of tax payers and other (ant group) children who would pay for (grasshopper group) children.

This results in forced migration of talent from the country which results in India being always only on the path of development inspite of 60yrs of Independence from British.

Won’t it be a good idea to teach grasshopper to also work in summer so that it can survive with ants in winter? Political mileage mentality is prime reason in so much of reservation in all fields of life…anything earned easily goes away easily too.

One can relate the reservation in Middle East (localization of work force) to Indian reservation system. I am seeing the reservation in Middle East is only putting these countries on the back seat now. Everywhere efficiencies have dropped substantially, beaurocracy has increased, corruption is on rise…heads should apply the brains too.


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