Posted by: Pradeep | May 4, 2008

Why this mean mentality of some politicians?

Raj Thakarey has been making most irresponsible statements for quite some time now. I had high respect for this person but I heard some statement of his today on Star News and I felt ashamed of it. In public gathering he used abusive words. I wonder what would make educated people from State of Maharashtra to go with him. He couldn’t stand rise of his cousin Udhdhav in Shiv Sena and decided to part ways. Probably it is because he sensed that he can’ rise much as long Bal uncle is there.

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) is what Raj brought to the people of Maharashtra. The issue here is he is building the base of it on communilization of society in general and putting diversity of India at highest risk. India is bound together inspite of thousands of dialects, cultures, living habits, etc. because of accomodative nature of people in general. Neighbours are treated as part of family and help is never a hand away in society when calamaties come (refer Mumbai flooding) without warnings at times.

Can Raj refrain from his irresponsible behaviour of playing dirty politics for gains which would not help the society at all? If he is capable enough to lead Maharashtra then nothing would stop him, but game of divide and rule helps none (refer British colonies world wide till 1950). MNS behaviour is costing in Billions to state of Maharashtra due to loss of productivity of most of businesses which rely on reasonable high productive labor from North India and good administrative work force from South India with money power of Western India.


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