Posted by: Pradeep | May 4, 2008

Err is US President (Bush)

What a note to start the day with! The first statement I read about in the morning was statement from US President on world food prices. Bush has conveniently put across the Americans that they are paying more for food because Middle Class in India is eating now. I wonder how misinformed Americans can be in general where the state head itself has no clue on what he is saying.

“India is net exporter of food grains and not importer anymore (it is USA only which paved way for India to have green revolution to become self sufficient in food)”.

All reports indicate that major causes of this astronomical rise in food prices across globe (to which India is also not spared) is because of reasons like

  • Instead of asking its farmers to sell corn for food, US is propogating them to sell it to Bio Diesel manufacturers causing havoc on prices and availability in general.
  • SEA, another region which contributes largely to world rice requirements has decided to it rice the way US has taken oil to.
  • Large cash flows in Middle East making worth of money go down continuously.
  • Forced wars on the world by so called “world police”.
  • Sucking of world money by US to help “non performing” assets remain live under subprime…no doubt failure of US administration to help its own people manage their finances is pushing the world on the brink of largest ever recession. It is never in the interest of manufacturing countries to have US in recession as this would bring recession to them too.

Not withstanding anything above, what right US President has, to put blame on any country for its own inefficiencies. Surprisingly US President on administration has never made a single strong statement against OPEC to tame the ever rising oil prices…


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