Posted by: Pradeep | May 1, 2008

Birth Registration in Dubai

If you are going to have new baby in Dubai then be ready to face the running around to get the baby “legalized”. After birth the hospital issues birth notification to the parents, take this to Al Baraha Hospital (located on corniche road in Dubai after Hyatt Regency signal on right side while going from Bur Dubai side) birth registration section and give them with filled in application. It is must that by this time you have decided on the name of your baby. The application is processed with requisite fees within 3 working days and you are required to collect the certificate. Once you have Arabic certificate, if the need is there (for non Arabic countries it is definately required) then get the English translation done from typing centre in same vicinity. Take this Arabic as well English for “Authentication” in Al Baraha Hospital same building where original was issued. Pay the fees and get it authenticated.

Now you need to take this certificates and visit Ministry of External Affairs, UAE near Etisalat building signal in Deira and get it attested (pay the fees here too). This completes the birth certificate procedure.

Indians need to take this certificate to Indian consulate to get the birth registration done and passport issued for the child. Better use for online application (it saves lots of time). Once passport is issued then follow the procedure to get the UAE visa stamped for the child.



  1. Hi, Can I seek some advice here please. I am an Indian citizen, born in Dubai in 1978 and registered at Consulate of India in Dubai. Now, the issue is I needed a fresh Birth certificate like the one the Consulate had issued in 1978 as I need it. However, I do not seem to find any help available on the cgidubai website. I have my original Arabic and English Birth as well as copy if Birth issued by Indian Consul in Dubai. Please any suggestions?

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