Posted by: Pradeep | April 16, 2008

Saudi Arabia

About 2 weeks back I travelled to Saudi Arabia to participate in one exhibition and meet new prospects for business. This visit was after almost a year. I thought the country would be offering me something new and positive.

It did offer new but only negative. It started with, the exhibition venue had no sanitary facilities, roads were in dilipated condition, road rash was common and rule by fear was very much in place.

I wonder what keeps this country going backward with each passing year in terms of human values? Still woman can’t drive, can’t move alone, can’t talk to men (unless blood relation is there)…in general have no human value to themselves. What makes woman live there life in such slavery?

The money being generated by black gold is going where? Inflation is taking toll on peoples living standards and there is corrective action???


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