Posted by: Pradeep | April 16, 2008


I visited Kenya this week for a short trip. My first stop was Nairobi. I read Lonely Planet and took feedback lots of my friends who had earlier travelled to Kenya and struggle started with Yellow Fever vaccination, then fear of getting robbed in foreign country and even chances of getting hurt. My customer in Dubai assured me that it is not quite like I was thinking and pushed me to hop onto the flight and touch the Africa for first time.

Nairobi, albeit I stayed for short time, I liked a lot. After staying in desert for few years now and having only re-circulated air conditioned air, ceiling fan giving fresh air in hotel room was great experience. I couldn’t meet any of the notorious mosquitoes or even robbers in Nairobi. During day time I found the place bustle with life. In general I observed Kenyans hospitable in nature.

Next stop was Mombassa, the island port town. It is a small place but life to offer like Goa in India. Full of beaches and hotels and tourists roaming around.

Kenya has gone through lots of turmoils in last one century and society in general is developing. To my surprise the cost of leaving is nothing less than India (I paid 70 Ksh for a cup of Tea outside Airport). Good hotels are USD 100-200/night and food can put you back by another USD 100/day in good restaurants.

The place has influencial Indian population (basically labourers from Gujrat and Punjab were exported there by British to build Uganda Rail in early twentieth century. These guys on completion of work took the right of stay from Britishers and moved ahead in life there.

I would definately visit Kenya with family again to see the Africa’s largest Five.


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