Posted by: Pradeep | March 23, 2008

Are you leaving Dubai?


1. One week before you leave, apply for DEWA closure, tell them to come 2 days before you leave to   check the final reading.
2. Two days after final reading (in some cases, one) they will give you the final bill.
3. Pay the bill and collect your deposit of Dhs 1000.

1. Get application from Etisalat, fill it up on the spot, on the day you want them to disconnect, (but if you have a deposit with them, do it one week before).
2. Make sure you take a copy of your passport.
3. Carry enough money to pay the final bill.
4. The internet dial-up will get disconnected on the same day.
5. The land phone takes 24 hours to disconnect.

1. Get it disconnected from Etisalat if you have post paid else go to step 2.
2. Finally, destroy your SIM card, do not give it even to your brother, lots of problems if it gets into    wrong hands even by mistake. (terrorism etc)

1. Get application from Etisalat and fill it on the spot.
2. It takes under 48 hrs for them to disconnect

1. Do this before the month ends, because they take payment at the beginning of each month
2. You have to fill in a cancellation request and give back the box to Showtime

1. Create a nice advertisement of all the stuff you want to sell: take digital pictures of TV/ sofa set/ microwave etc. Put “prices or best offer” next to them. Put down your contact nos.
2. Put it up at Spinneys, Carrefour boards, free.
3. Put free ‘words’ ad in Gulf News Classifieds and Khaleej Times Classifieds. Use words like ‘Excellent condition’….’expat leaving country’….’value for money’….’great prices’…..’branded items’ etc
4. Upload ad in, this is an auction site where you can get higher prices, but note, they take a commission if goods are sold thru the site.
5. And yes….shamelessly use your own or via via network to sell stuff.

1. Do this 4 weeks before you set off
2. Put separate ad in the same places as the goods (mentioned above). Don’t mention the price in the ad. Mention an indicative price when they call (obviously higher than what you expect) but say that it can be negotiated. If you expect 15K, say 18K. They will start bargaining you down. Lure them to come and see the car. Nail them when they come….but these will be interested parties only so be careful that you do not lose them.
3. Don’t get desperate, be wary of certain nationalities, trust nobody.
4. Make sure you take cash only. Take an advance, if anyone is serious
5. Try and sell it within Dubai itself.
6. The buyer will probably ask for ‘passing’ (tashjil).
7. You will have to do the Murroor (transfer registration) of the car, it’s done at an Eppco station down Sheikh Zayed road, just before Mall of Emirates
8. Make sure you empty your car of stuff

1. Go through the yellow pages and find somebody like “Rainbow”
2. They charge Dhs 10.75 per kg. Air Cargo
3. Plus they charge extra for packing/sealing
4. Whoever you take, ask them how much the total cost will be, including their service charge i.e. Airport cost, custom etc etc. Tell them you want no hidden costs.
5. Any other questions, just ask!
6. Hire somebody who has a strong presence in the destination city and who can also do the customs formality.

1. Get your bank to give you a reference letter, saying all is well with your account etc etc.
2. Cancel all credit cards immediately.
3. Make sure you have at least 1 year’s statements with you
4. Carry your currency in draft format, valid for 3-6 months
5. Make a list of your gold and have it valued

1. List of vaccinations to be taken in future
2. Full medical records

TR Certificates needed. Speak to the school well in advance and find out the procedure. Some schools do not allow the student to attend once the TR is issued. CALL and REMIND the school for the TR a couple of days before their committed date. They have specified dates on which they coordinate this with the government authorities for this.

1. Passport
2. ID Foreign cards/forms
3. Etc Etc

1. Brunch farewell party, take snaps
2. Count your luggage (hand and check-in)
3. Number your locks and keys with black marker

START MOVING GUYS, DON’T BE SLOW!!! Any other questions, just ask

Courtesy: Ben, Pradeep



  1. Hello, I would like to ask, let’s say you have a business and you close from May until September, should be wise to disconnect telephone, Internet, fax and Dewa ? Or leave it be?

    • You may not find it economically attractive as re-installation costs would be high.

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