Posted by: Pradeep | March 22, 2008

Are you jealous of “Rise of India”?

Two days back I read an article in Gulf News which they picked up from The Telegraph Group Limited. The article was titled “So where is all the wealth in booming India?”. It was written by Jeff Randall and it narrates his recent travel to city of Delhi. In this article author tried to compare Delhi in 1983 and now and then extrapolate his findings to raise the question which become title of this article by him.

It is nicely written biased article by a westerner visiting India to take a glimpse at it and then infer that country has so much things facing it. The issues highlighted by author are very much existing in any country in the world today (albeit it would have differing faces to show to the world). Why India should be pinpointed for that? Isn’t it that US economy in tatters and it works on money borrowed from outside world? Isn’t it that GCC states (presumably very rich) have beggers popping up or people extracting money from businesses under different names? Is it not that one needs much more than good roads, houses, electricity & water to make good societies?

India has something which many other countries (read developed) in world don’t have…culture, people, values. China has 50% population living on less than $1 per day, does it make that country any less in power it can exercise to change the face of globe? It takes time to get the things moving on ground when one has to cater to 1/6th population of world without 1/6th world resources on hand. Same India which people perceived as under dog for decades has capability to offer communication to its population at dirt cheap rates (let me share here UAE charges 4 times for short distance local calls than what India charges for inter country long distance calls), highly skilled manpower to world to help the ageing societies see life for next day (read imported immigration to Australia, Canada, NewZealand, USA, Germany, UK, Austria etc.). It is highly likely that without rise of India (include China, Brazil & Russia), world would fail to rise in long term.

In the article the businessman who abhors the Indian places living in Amsterdam has NO RIGHT to de-mean people of India and India as country. He is a person who fled his roots and today has become  indifferent to the same roots which helped him reach Amsterdam.


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