Posted by: Pradeep | March 12, 2008

Irresponsible driving

I am seeing Dubai drivers for last 6yrs now and have only observed standard of driving going down as days pass by. It can be attributed to heavy traffic on roads which makes one insane by holding on drivers seat for hours at stretch to cover few miles, increase in users as inorganic growth in population is happening every day with incomers, unplanned and non-futuristic town planning with little or substandard infrastructure (from user point), driving attitude of new generation and biased policing on offences in some pockets.

Yesterday’s pile up of 60+ vehicles on one of the major highways in early morning hours with loss of lives should be taken very seriously by the people who are on road in UAE. Even when weather conditions were poor due to dense fog and visibility dropping to few metres on road; drivers were rushing at mad speeds of 120-150km/hr (as per reports). What we call this insane behavior or utter negligence towards self and others? Authorities instead of only giving tickets need to be more prudent in handling road users problems.

Creating cardonned off roads for few users and punishing other users would not solve the problem of traffic jams. Dubai is probably ‘the city’ in world where one pays road toll 24hrs a day to help reduce traffic :-D:-D (wonder how traffic congestion reduces late night when there is no traffic itself).


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