Posted by: Pradeep | March 11, 2008

Where rents are heading?

I am here in this country for 4years and construction boom started 3yrs back. The construction boom also brought troubles like traffic congestion (it is worst compared to equal size cities), housing wooes (as non-availability is major issue), extreme inflation (unofficially 10%+) and depreciating local currency.

On the top fuel costs (non-stoppable rise) causing heartburns. Compound it with greed which has settled in property developers and owners. The rents in general have tripled in last 3yrs in good areas. No doubt this place must have become the most cosliest place in world to stay. Businesses are refraining from passing on benefits to employees while they spare no occassion to pass on increased costs to customers.

What next?

Leave this place and go back to other countries which are still away from this devil nexus of looters. While profitability is prime for anybody and it should be…only profitability without social responsibility is devil.



  1. You make a good point about social responsibility.

    Personal greed overtakes the capitalist spirit of free market enterprise.

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