Posted by: Pradeep | February 25, 2008

Is Dubai losing shin?

Increasingly I am feeling that Dubai is losing the shin of being cosmopolitan city. Recently the building we live in came out with “fatwa” to remove all and everything that was there on front door or wall. Reason they claim it obstructs movement of people in building corridor. I wonder how a name plate near front door on the wall would affect movement when large CO2 cylinders hanging out next to it do not seem to affect the movement. It is clearly dirty minds at work who have been trying to emphasize on the fact that it is foreign land. Another “fatwa” last week talks of put nothing in the balcony of your house…ridiculous. All this from one of the prominent real estate owners in the town.

While there is new church, new mosques so frequently…why temple has to contend with a very congested place? The fact remains majority of expats living in the country are Asians who might be practicing different way of life than what has been prominent for the place. If you can’t accommodate people with their way of life…can you call your self world city?


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