Posted by: Pradeep | February 4, 2008

Dubai Shopping Festival

I have been seeing DSF for last 5-6 years now and it is loosing the real charm every year. Albeit the no. of shoppers is increasing. This year “night souk (the night market)” has lost its earlier place and has been cramped along the creek with little space in which families can enjoy. Visiting the place would make you feel “why you visited”. The wooes start from moving in the traffic, finding a parking slot (if you have your own vehicle), moving in the crowd and then finding place to shop. If you get natures call in between then a long queue awaits you along with stinks.

“Global village (items from various countries on display and sell)” is another location which we found pretty good this year. We happened to visit it on week day and hence parking was not major issue, crowd was okay and stalls are much better than what they were for last 2 years. Thumbs up to this.

Malls in general are exibiting good things to attract the crowd and do brisk business. I would advise the visitors to bargain hunt and then decide.


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