Posted by: Pradeep | January 15, 2008


It is almost 1 month now and we are experiencing worst kind of work time management in Dubai. After yesterdays forced holiday I thought that from today atleast I would get onto my work. But something else was destined. It started raining since evening yesterday (yes, it rains in desert too) and this has left us high in waters as all roads are flooded. It took me 3 hours today to reach from my office to home which is about 35km; due to restricted movement no work was happening anyways. The country has no proper drainage for such kind of rains in place.

Roads are not designed to drain the rain water; and they are best avoided here during rains.


Even buildings (particularly new construction) fail to cope up with these lashing rains. Little rains pose no issue except minor accidents on roads due to possible skidding; but heavy rains like what is happening since yesterday evening create havoc in this place. 


Nonetheless schools shall be closed for rest of the week and businesses would have to manage with lower productivity. In this situation I still feel, Dubai is much better as compared to adjoining states like Sharjah, Ajman where the situation is worst.


What would happen if it rains like Mumbai (India)? 

Photos are from Gulf News.


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