Posted by: Pradeep | January 14, 2008

Cost to host USA President

It was historic day today for Dubai to host US President Mr. George Bush for a day (only day time). What you think it would have costed this small middle east progressive tolerant islamic country to host US prez? One days GDP.

The state found itself at odds (possibly) in managing the things and decided to declare holiday for all state and private sector offices. It came as a rude shock to people like me, who have seen so many VVIPs moving around in India with minor traffic snarls and life going on as usual. Here practically we were house arrested with all major roads and bridges closed for movement of vehicles. Didn’t even go out as it was quite clear that there would only be hassles on road than any good thing.

Does it really make any sense for state to stop itself from functioning for somebody visiting? This place never stops for the heads of it’s own heads too. This gives me impression that we are living in some US colony where when King comes, one has to be “indoors”…or is it that state decided to save its citizens from Bush?


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