Posted by: Pradeep | January 9, 2008

Cricket & India

Yesterday’s developments on India – Australia tour are surprising. ICC replaced Buckner albeit day before they said he shall remain; Hoggs is put on C-3 for racial comments (suddenly Race has become more important than game of cricket); Ponting has stopped making any further useless comments. Is it not money which is pushing ICC to fall in line. Today India withdrawing from the series would have cost ICC in millions due to loss of huge viewers across globe. Can the administrators be more prudent and keep the game in front instead of getting into all the politics on issues which are trival?

It is to be noted that India was the first country to give recognition to SA when they wanted to enter world cricket and not Austrialia.



  1. I have written a post on the sydney test..and some aussie bloggers tried to spam it ! Just wanted to share my post with proves that the aussies are at it again..this time on the internet !

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