Posted by: Pradeep | December 16, 2007


I was in India two days back for a short business trip and as usual found country very upbeat. Real Estate was one of the major discussion topic. Understand Ahmedabad has still to offer us something in returns 🙂

Infrastructure is still long way to go to have improvements reflect eventually and India becoming a name to reckon with.

In this trip I was with sourcing manager of second largest food processor in the world (they are from USA) and found the answer in them for “why India”. India is able to offer best of the engineered solutions at much lower costs to world. Albeit as insider I feel we are loosing the ground (today incidently there is report indicating that India and China are not same cost saving destinations as labor cost is increasing in these countries). None the less India is the best.



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  2. India rocks !


  4. india shouldnt be compared to america in any way….they have reached wat thr r today after more thn 2 centuries of independence…and dont frgt tht its because of indians working in america along with chinese and othrs tht its moving ahead…!!

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