Posted by: Pradeep | May 19, 2016

MS804 Egypt Air

It is sad day for aviation industry and in particular Egypt. Today morning they lost MS804 over Mediterranean sea while in flight from Paris to Cairo. This is third incidence in recent times involving Egypt. The country has been facing tough times on tourism; the biggest revenue generator; for some time and these incidences are only making the recovery distant for them.

Post MH370 it seems aviation industry has not learned anything. The real time tracking of aircraft systems and position still seems to be a huge cost to airlines. Is the cost bigger than the human life lost in each tragedy? While fall in jet fuel helped industry fill their coffers with huge profits in last one year, a minor expense on ensuring safety of passengers seems no priority to aviation business owners. Not that real time tracking would solve all problems in aviation but at least they would be reduced as some timely actions can be taken by authorities. Seems flying which is wonder for human is turning sour to life!

Posted by: Pradeep | April 1, 2014

Malaysian MH370

It is 3+ weeks and the mystery behind disappearance of Boeing 777 aircraft mid-flight from KL to Beijing on 8th March is deepening as days pass-by. After the aircraft lost contact with ground controller, the location has been a great mystery. The events on board post loss of contact are speculative and full of conspiracy theories. The ever changing location of aircraft based on radar / satellite data adds more fuel to speculation and mystery. Yesterday Malaysia changed the last words from cockpit too, wonder how that can happen!

What can be believed in this era of filtered information to general public on any issue which people in high places do not want to share or share in a manipulative manner.

The sighting of debris, involvement of number of countries in search and at turn of sunset every day…returning search team having no conclusive information is frustrating to families of passengers of MH370 as well air travelers. When I take next flight, how I can be sure that it is not meant to disappear by design or fate!

Questions still remain,

if it was hijack – why without demands?

if it was pilot suicide – why 238 more?

if it was mechanical failure – why ‘u’ turn and fly for 7+hrs to nowhere in waters?

if it was control failure – how it flew so much?

how come all signals lost and UK satellite still was getting pings and even after emergency on the issue it was not picked up in time?

While today technology exists even to track a single person on the globe through GPS, why air travelers are left to mercy of age old systems? Today at any point of time there might be 4-5 thousand aircraft in air or movement which is small number as compared to billions of mobiles which communications systems track continuously. I hope there is a conclusion to this mystery and hope it has nothing to do with high places high handed policies! RIP MH370 (until located intact).

Posted by: Pradeep | December 21, 2013

Promotions in malls in UAE

Have you ever wondered what happens post we fill in the long forms with name, telephone number, e-mail address, nationality etc. etc. in the so called raffle coupons?

I always wonder what happens post it!

Why there can’t be just a raffle which is computer generated like in lotteries? Getting a coupon picked up from thousands of them really doesn’t give equal chance to all in the game. Most of the times, even the results are not declared in public domain. I had stopped filling the forms…at least my mobile, email doesn’t get compromised and less spam is created. But yesterday again kids thought why not fill coupons at Mirdiff CC…and we did it.

While I read the terms & conditions later, one of the conditions is mind boggling and proves that the whole promotion is eye-wash. The condition reads so

“Winner has to collect the prize in 15 minutes of declaration at 7pm on Tuesday else it shall be rolled over”

Wow, doesn’t it mean that all who have participated over the week should make themselves present at the mall to hear who wins and then rush to claim the prize. What to expect!

Posted by: Pradeep | December 17, 2013

Living on edge!

I am very happy that a young city like Dubai has got opportunity to showcase to the world what can be done when there is will and forward looking leadership. We await 2020!

The city does its best to harbor people from world (almost all nationalities). Thoughts of some issues are painful now a days and I presume those would be addressed by authorities in best interest of all.

1. House rents

2. School fees including fees for outsourced activities

3. Inflation on daily use items

4. Cost of doing business

Recent movements on house rents have been not in the long term interest of the community. Inflationary pressure on daily use items is extremely high, for sure efforts to control cost of doing business need more of them. Schooling costs are one major drainer on residents here and looking at what is being talked around, I abhor to think that profiteering is going to be much more in coming academic year. Recently one of the group in education business increased transportation fees (outsourced) citing same reasons which have been handed down so many times till now (e.g. installation of various safety features in the buses).

Authorities do their best here to safeguard common interests but some how the business houses do not get satisfied with common goals e.g. rent council to address issues, economic department to report unwarranted raises, regulations on school fees.

Wish I can see more long term thinking from business houses in line with Dubai’s vision and make 2020 an enjoyable experience for all!

Posted by: Pradeep | November 4, 2013

Consumer service in Dubai

It is long time I was absent from this location, blame it on my lethargy to give voice to issues. Long time have been thinking on consumer service in Dubai.

Dubai is paradise for shoppers to grab the best of deals around and particularly during DSS, DSF, GITEX etc. I did purchase a Canon 600D last year during GITEX and got a Touchmate 7″ Tablet bundled with it. The deal was from one of the prominent electronics retailer. Immediately after purchase, I noticed issues viz.

1. Even when Canon was giving 2yrs warranty during GITEX, the retailer didn’t…wow!

2. Tablet given was obsolete or defective model probably, every time it was started the date would reset automatically to 1/1/1900 causing it to make my home wi-fi crash…what a performance!

Repeatedly I had to make 3 visits and substantial amount of follow-up to get tablet replaced. The new piece given as replacement comes with another issue, needs 5-7 minutes for power up after charging…I gave up here!

On Canon warranty, the retailer first forced me visit Canon authorized distributor, who turned me away back to retailer. Finally I had to tell retailer that if they don’t make it right, I would return the purchase…they handed me over the 2nd year warranty paper from Canon. What must have happened with visitors who purchased same package during GITEX and left to their home countries?

Two weeks back, I had to take up defect issue with another retailer for a leading Swiss watch brand. The watch fell from hand (a drop of about 4ft) and the case break into pieces (the strap, the glass didn’t fail). It is my fault I didn’t expect that watch case can be much weaker than the glass on case dial! The retailer salesgirl was harsh in talking as if she was doing obligation on me by listening to me for probably a substandard quality served. She had the audacity to say that I should have purchased Rolex if I wanted to highlight such issue…wow at least she accepted that Rolex rules the world with customer care! After lots of pursuing came the solution, “buy another watch from us now and we shall replace the defective piece”. If there was no substandard quality then why replacement proposal at all!

I did buy a new one though I had no immediate need of it, just to get a substandard quality piece replaced probably with another similar one. They committed to give replacement latest by 3rd November. I did follow-up again on 3rd noon only to hear from the same salesgirl with huge attitude “we are still to decide on equivalent replacement, shall let you know by evening”. Today is 5th November and I am waiting for her evening of 3rd November to come!

Another “I don’t care” approach case from one major education provider (read retailer) is favoring a particular credit/debit card issuing bank against all other banks and impose additional processing fees overnight, though DED says it is illegal. Where to go? This was a major news item in leading dailies here and I look forward to appropriate suo motu action by concerned authorities.

The list is being updated with one more case (12-11-13) now. I have been struggling with Samsung to resolve the warranty on my S3. I was directed by them to their service franchise here. A visit to “care” center cost me 62 odd minutes apart from travel time. Out of this almost 57 minutes was waiting time in queue to reach the service agents counter itself. While I had diagnosed the problem to be charger, the service center person insisted me to leave the handset with them for investigation and here comes the bomb…it would take up to 2days for them to revert to me with possible cause for extremely high amount of time for charging. So I leave the handset with all critical data with them and be without phone for 2days at least! The service center refused to accept that the problem diagnosis done by me was correct, probably they are right, how can I make right diagnosis when in first place I failed to select right manufacturer who provides quality service! I left without availing the service.

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